5 Days Seminar - NFPA 13,20 & 25 Krakow
5 Days Seminar - NFPA 13,20 & 25 Krakow

12 - 16 March 2018
Krakow, Poland

Riskonet in association with NFPA is hosting this official NFPA sprinkler engineering course in Europe

The NFPA is a globally acknowledged and accepted authority in the field of fire prevention and their standards are universally adopted and applied around the world. In order to support these fundamentals and the growing network of fire engineering practitioners, the NFPA has committed to establishing the same training in Europe that was previously only available in the US.

The training is to be conducted by the same professional NFPA lecturers used in the US. This sought after education will be to the same quality, standard and with the identical certification as delivered in the US. The handout material for library and future reference has been adapted for European application.

The tutors have participated and contributed in the development of NFPA codes and standards and are internationally recognized consultants. There is no limitation or prerequisite for attendance but delegate numbers are limited to ensure quality attention and value delivery. Initial courses are to be delivered in May 2017. Do not miss this opportunity to take advantage of the best professional training on the most significant aspect of fire protection sprinklers.

NFPA13 20 25 01Who should attend

For all fire engineers, inspection authorities, certification bodies, plan reviewers, designers, installers, inspectors, insurers, risk consultants, risk managers, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the NFPA 13, 20 and 25 codes. Remain current with the latest industry developments and practices, new developments and shared experiences. These interactive seminars will bring you up-to speed on provisions found in the latest editions of NFPA 13, 20 and 25.


A five day training session is planned in Krakow, Poland.

12 - 16 March 2018


The seminar will be held in Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, located at 33 Marii Konopnickiej Street in Krakow.

Registration fees

Each delegate registration for the selected week is EUR 2000,00 (excluding VAT). This includes lunch, coffee breaks, dinner on the second day and the seminar material including the newest editions of the NFPA 13, 20 and 25 standards. NFPA and SIBP members pay EUR 1900,00 (excluding VAT). Share in this unique knowledge and network opportunity with your fellow delegates.

How to register

Complete the registration form. We encourage you to register at your earliest convenience, the number of seats is limited.


Each program the seminar will start at 9am and finish 5pm.

Monday - Wednesday

Installation of Sprinkler Systems (NFPA 13) 2016 Edition !!!

Correctly installed sprinkler systems reduce both damage and loss of life in building fires by up to 67 percent. This three-day seminar will effectively illustrate the concepts and requirements for automatic sprinkler systems and how they apply to specific hazards.

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • NFPA13 20 25 02Define the organization of NFPA 13 and its general requirements
  • Ascertain the hazard classification for an occupancy
  • Identify and discuss the requirements for various sprinkler system components
  • Recognize the different types of sprinkler systems and be familiar with their operation
  • Establish installation requirements for the various types of sprinklers
  • Appraise various system design requirements including:
    • occupancy hazard fire control
    • protection of storage occupancies
    • protection of special hazards
  • Determine the requirements for system design and installation deliverables including:
    • plans and calculations
    • water supply data
    • system acceptance
    • certification


Standard For The Installation Of Stationary Pumps For Fire Protection (NFPA 20)

NFPA13 20 25 03Sprinkler and standpipe systems are effective only if fire pumps can deliver when they’re
needed. This one day training will provide you with effective strategies to ensure a reliable response. This training will prepare you to work on the full range of fire pumps, armed with the latest industry knowledge.

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Recognize different types of fire pumps and their application.
  • Use graphical determinations of fire pump output
  • Differentiate between electric and diesel drivers and controllers
  • Identify the correct application and installation of fire pump components
  • Evaluate various types of power sources and the requirements for each
  • Assure continuity of power
  • Commission fire pumps and related equipment


Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems (NFPA 25)

When automatic sprinkler systems don’t perform to expectations, it is almost always due to human error.
Among these errors are poor maintenance, failure to keep the system appropriate to the
hazard, and failure to provide for other aspects of building fire protection. This training is
designed from an inspector’s approach, working from the outside of a building to the inside, and then through the building’s systems.

NFPA13 20 25 04Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Locate and explain the scope, purpose, definitions and reporting requirements of NFPA 25
  • Recognize the requirements and procedures for the inspection, testing, and maintenance of private service mains, common valve components, system valves, and sprinkler and standpipe systems.
  • Plot flow test results to determine causes of water supply problems
  • Evaluate system test data
  • Differentiate between the types of storage tanks and their inspection and safety concerns
  • Restore obstructed piping
  • Recognize the importance of having a procedure to deal with system impairment
  • Determine requirements for spare sprinklers
  • Conduct a failure rate analysis
  • Identify who is permitted to perform inspection, testing, and maintenance

Additional information

Riskonet provides simultaneous English-Polish-English translation throughout the seminar. Those interested in the translation, please check the appropriate box in the registration form. This will help us to prepare the appropriate number of headsets for participants

Travel and accommodation
The participants shall arrange for travel and accommodation. You can book accommodation at the special rate at Hilton Garden Inn using the link below:
Free, public parking spots are available near the hotel, paid and guarded car park is available at the Hotel and near-by ICE Conference Center.

Meal preferences
The participants will be served meals during the seminar. Meal preferences (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.) and allergies should be reported during the registration.


For more information, please contact:
Katarzyna Zgódko
Training coordinator

Riskonet Polska
Rakowicka 1
31-511 Kraków

T: +48 783 082 098

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