5 Days Seminar - NFPA 20 & 25 Training with exams
5 Days Seminar - NFPA 20 & 25 Training with exams

17 & 19 May 2020 and 21& 23 June 2021 with exams. Online

Riskonet in association with NFPA is hosting this official NFPA Sprinkler Engineering training in South Africa.

The NFPA is a globally acknowledged and accepted authority in the field of fire prevention and their standards are universally adopted and applied around the world. In order to support these fundamentals and the growing network of fire engineering practitioners, the NFPA has committed to establishing the same training in South Africa that was previously only available in the US and Europe.

The training will be led by the same professional NFPA lecturer used in Europe. This sought-after training will be to the same quality and with the identical certification as delivered in the US and in Europe.

The lecturer has participated in international forums and contributed to the development of NFPA codes and standards and is an internationally recognized subject matter expert.

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There is no prerequisite for attendance, but delegate numbers are limited to ensure quality and personal development.

Do not miss this opportunity to take advantage of this internationally recognised Fire Protection training.

Who should attend

Anyone whose responsibilities involve the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance (ITM) of water-based fire protection systems, who want to learn more about the NFPA 20 (Installation of stationary pumps for fire protection) and the NFPA 25 (Inspection Testing and Maintenance of water-based fire protection systems) This could include but is not limited to: - maintenance professionals, sprinkler system contractors, building owners, facility maintenance personnel, water-based systems engineers, designers, plan reviewers, inspection authorities, installers, inspectors, insurers, risk consultants and risk managers.

3Days JoBurg 02When

Each course is 2.5 days as follows

NFPA 20: 17, 18 and 19 May 2021
NFPA 25: 21, 22 and 23 June 2021


On-line webinar – Specific log-in details to be confirmed closer to the date.


ZAR 10,000 Excluding VAT per person
(per seminar, 2,5 days)

ZAR 18,000 Excluding VAT per person
(both seminars, 5 days)



Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection (2019)

Your knowledge and expertise in stationary fire pumps helps you make informed decisions that eliminate costly errors, improve project efficiency, and protect lives and property. This course offers guidance through the processes of designing and installing stationary fire pumps based on requirements in NFPA® 20, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection, 2019 edition.

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • 3Days JoBurg 03State the purpose of fire pumps and differentiate between pump types, applications, and characteristics.
  • List the requirements for fire pump performance based on unit sizing, water and power supply types, and additional factors.
  • Identify the requirements for the installation of fire pumps and peripheral equipment.
  • Identify and apply requirements for the construction and protection of fire pump enclosures.
  • Explain the criteria for determining the appropriate components and system layout for a fire pump assembly.
  • Define critical terms and design considerations such as "balanced flow" and "unbalanced flow".
  • Reference considerations for special project situations such as high-rise buildings, diesel fuel tanks, and fire pump pressure controls.
  • Locate and apply requirements for finalizing a fire pump installation including acceptability testing, inspections, and documentation.


Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems (2020)

NFPA13 20 25 04This classroom training focuses on time-related activities rather than system activities, making it easier to understand when inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) must be completed. While focusing on facility manager responsibilities, the seminar is still relevant for contractors, building owners, fire and building officials, and other users of the standard. A Certificate of Completion is available after the course upon completion of an online exam. Participants can immediately apply the knowledge and experience from this training course to their jobs. Use what you learn to help save time and money on planning, installations, reviews, maintenance, and more!

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • Navigate NFPA 25 to recognize appropriate ITM of your water-based fire protection systems.
  • Recognize when specific ITM activities must be completed.
  • Recognize who will be conducting ITM of water-based fire protection systems with the use of the NFPA 25 standard and when.
  • Identify the significance of the results of the ITM of water-based fire protection systems.
  • Develop an inspection, testing, and maintenance schedule.
  • Perform fire pump flow tests, hydrant flow tests, and fire pump churn tests.
  • Conduct an internal inspection on dry valves, pre-action valves, and alarm valves.
  • Conduct a visual inspection of a fire pump.

Learn to identify hazards and help protect lives and property by improving your understanding and ability to apply NFPA 25 requirements.

Get the training you need to work more safely and more efficiently and take your career to the next level. You'll also receive a free copy of the NFPA 25 Handbook, 2020 edition

Earn Your Certificate of Educational Achievement

Show your proficiency and demonstrate your understanding of concepts presented. A half-day exam for each course (NFPA 20 and 25) where you apply what you’ve learned.
Passing the exam will earn your Certificate of Educational Achievement, confirming your course knowledge.

Additional information

For more information, please contact:

Janet Short
Operations Manager
Riskonet Africa

Building A, Nicol Main Office Park
2 Bruton road, Bryanston, Johannesburg
South Africa
T: +27 73 013 0168
E: info-za@riskonet.com

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